starting price per square foot

Our rates make it possible to own the home of your dreams. Building to your customized specifications makes your home a reflection of your taste and personality. Designing the space of your dreams has never been more within reach. Or, if you prefer, we have existing models that can be modified and customized to your needs.

weeks to complete

Hard to believe, but from the day we start the construction process, it may be as little as 12 months before you can move into your very own SHEMSS home. SHEMSS homes are not just any ordinary homes, they’re Built to Last, Built to Evolve, and Built to Design. Your new home comes bundled with the most unique features and advanced infrastructure systems ever built.

Included with every SHEMSS home

  • Architecture & engineering
  • Permit application
  • Foundation
  • Structural system
  • Framing
  • Plumbing
  • Fireplace units
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Smart home systems
  • Insulation
  • Doors & windows
  • Roofing
  • Exterior finish
  • Interior finish

Built to Last

Less work, more me time.

Simply put, we build homes that stand the test of time. In all stages of the SHEMSS construction process — from initial design and material selection to the final build — we opt with selections that spell longevity. Your time is valuable and for most people house maintenance isn’t exactly the greatest example of having fun. Our well-built homes cost less to maintain and stand strong to protect your investment.

Home is where the heart is…
Your home is a reflection of you — the person you are, the life you live, and the family you cherish. SHEMSS will take your ideas and dreams to create a unique space that provides the function, form, and aesthetic that’s perfect for you.

Built to Evolve

A house that easily accommodates your ever-changing needs.

Just as you grow and change, so too should your house. A SHEMSS home is built with flexibility in mind. With an eye towards the future, we’ve put in place an infrastructure that makes maintenance a cinch and upgrades a breeze. The future may be “Smart” but a SHEMSS home is built smarter.

What We Do

Finding a Lot

Selecting a lot is an exciting and potentially daunting first step in the construction process. With decades of experience in new builds, SHEMSS is well versed in the intricacies of site selection. We will make sure that your new home finds its perfect footing. Our extended network includes realtors, surveyors, and specialists who are key assets to our team.

Designing Your Home

Step two is where the fun really begins, the designing of your dream home. We offer several base designs that are fully customizable to create a unique space that fits your lifestyle and expresses who you are. Our clients can choose to be as “hands-on” or as “hands-off” as they wish. Our process is tailored to be streamlined, innovative, and fun.

Applying for Permits

At SHEMSS, we’re pros at efficiently navigating through the permit process. With decades of building experience and hundreds of state and local code inspections passed translate to a painless build with minimal hold-ups.

Building Your Home

Buckle up! Once the site work is complete, the countdown begins. In as little as seven months you could be living in your new SHEMSS home. Blink and you just might miss it.

Built to Design

Your home is a reflection of you, your personality, and the lifestyle you live.

We all have different ideas of a perfect home. SHEMSS provides infinite options to create a look that feels like home. From traditional and chic, to paired down minimalist-modern, we provide infinite options to create a space that fills you with joy.

Finishing Touches

Your custom completed home is now a blank canvas awaiting your personal stamp, a finishing touch. Whether you’re looking to create a serene and restful bedroom or dynamic energizing workspace, the careful selection and placement of fabrics, furniture, and art is a crowning stroke on your masterpiece. If color wheels, feng-shui, and shopping are not your strong suit we are happy to connect you with an interior designer, vendor, or installer from our extended team to ease the process.

Ready to Evolve?

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